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1 of each of the flavours below. 

Sizes will be different for kettle corn varieties small, medium and large. 

Speciality corn is one size only. 


🍿 Cravings Kettle Corn Popcorn Lovers Bundle - Large 🎁

For the ultimate popcorn aficionado, our Popcorn Lovers Bundle in the Large size is an irresistible assortment that ensures everyone's cravings are met! Featuring an expanded array of flavors, this bundle is perfect for sharing joy or stocking up for endless snacking pleasure.

Indulge in an expansive selection of our finest:

🌽 Original Sweet & Salty: A time-honored fusion of sweetness and saltiness that's a universal favorite.

🎬 Movie Theatre Butter: Immerse yourself in the classic, rich buttery taste reminiscent of the cinema experience.

🍬 Cinnamon Vanilla Kettle: Infused with aromatic cinnamon and vanilla, this flavor brings a delightful holiday twist to tradition.

🍯 Caramel Corn: Dive into the sweet, glossy coating that envelops our carefully selected popcorn—indulgence at its finest.

🧀 Cheese Corn: Savor the savory cheesiness that blankets each kernel, providing a bold and irresistible flavor.

This bundle is not just a treat; it's a celebration of diverse tastes and textures, ensuring every popcorn lover's heart is content. Elevate your snacking experience with the Popcorn Lovers Bundle and make every moment a flavorful delight! 🌟

Popcorn Lovers Bundle

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